Solid Waste Management in Polog Region – Phase I

The Centre for Development of the Polog Planning Region, located at the street address: Ilindenska No.335, SEEU Campus, building no. 602 1200 Tetovo, has a need for Procurement of Solar Photovoltaic System for the Rusino landfill within the project “Solid Waste Management in Polog Region, Phase I” financed by Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO. For that purpose, the Contracting Authority shall conduct a procurement using simplified competitive procedure. Therefore, we would like to invite you to submit your tender for the above mentioned subject of the procurement no later than 02.06.2022 at 12:00 at the address stated above.  Enclosed, you will find following documents:

I.  Instructions to tenderers
II. Terms of Reference
III. Tender form
IV. General Conditions of Supply Contract
V.  Special Conditions of Supply Contract

When preparing your tender, please use the tender form which is an integral part of this Request and fill in the English language.



The Center for Development of Pollog Region Planning within the framework of the “Inclusive, Sustainable and Equal Regional Development” Project by the Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) starts with the realization of regional forums for identification of ideas of projects in the region. For this purpose, we have the special honor and pleasure to take part in forum sessions. The first forum session will be held on Monday 18.02.2019 at Hotel Skardus, Kodra e Diellit, beginning at 12:00.

Center for Development of the Planning Region of Head,
Fatmir Saiti