Fatmir Saiti 

Head of the Center for Development of the Polog Planning

Region (2014 - present)

Njegosheva No.2, 1200 Tetovo

+389 (0) 44 618 062

+389 (0) 75 477 910

f.saiti@rdcpolog.mk, manager@rdcpolog.mk

Main activities and responsibilities:

Strategic planning for development of the Polog region;

* Creation and implementation of development strategies for the Region of Polog;

* Preparation of annual programs and budgets, as well as annual narrative and financial reports, adopted by the Council of the Mayors of the Polog Region (CMPR);

* Management and implementation of regional projects at different level (programming, implementing and/or monitoring), and on variety of domains: infrastructure, ICT, investment-related, and other soft projects;

* Networking of CRD Polog with other institutions from Macedonia and other countries;

* Organization of business and innovation forums, conferences and other events for startups and SMEs, largest being:

    - Business Innovation Forum (EBAN, WestBIC and TBAA), January 2015 - Skopje/ Tetovo

    - TBAA Business Angels Investment Delegation, May 2015 - Macedonia/Albania/Kosovo (www.business-innovation-        forum.com)

▫- Diaspora Invest Conference, October 2016, Tetovo (www.tbaainvestinstartups.com/Iznvestuvanje-Mediumite-           TBAAinSkopje.pdf)

* Projects to instigate quadruple helix cooperation among public, private CSO and educational institutions;

* Creation of programs for financial support of entrepreneurs and small startup companies in the region;

* Presentation and promotion of investment locations potential in the region;

* Preparation and presentation of all promotional and ad's materials;

* Preparation and development of projects for PPP;

* Managing and active participation in preparation, development and implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects, such as Regional Water Supply, Waste Water Treatment of Tetovo with surroundings, and the Regional Waste Management;

* Development of projects for application with EU and bilateral funds.