Clean environment and protection of natural resources are an important precondition for the development of the Pelagonija planning region. Clean environment influences the improvement of the quality of life and health of the people, so the municipalities of this region should direct their activities towards protection and improvement of the environment.

The reasonable use of resources and the maintenance of national treasures such as the National Parks Galicica and Pelister, the International Park Prespa Biosphere Reserve, the Prespa Lake, the Crna and Dragor Rivers, the beautiful landscapes of Baba Mountain, the Ilina Mountains, the city of Krusevo, Golem Grad are the main segment for the development of a healthy environment.

The Pelagonia region has three treatment plants in Resen, Krivogastani and Mogila, and the construction of a water treatment plant in Prilep is in progress. The coverage of the population with wastewater treatment plants is 5.4%, which is well below the national average of 12.5%. The coverage of the population with sewage network in urban areas ranges from 75% to 100% in the city of Krusevo, while in rural areas ranging from 0% to 80% 17, where in most cases the septic tanks are used as a waste water solution. The problem of wastewater other than soil pollution also affects the pollution of groundwater, which in turn contributes to contamination of the yields from agricultural production, since sewage waters from septic tanks are delayed in dry land and streams.

The data is extracted from the "Final Evaluation Report on the Implementation of the Program for Development of the Pelagonija Planning Region 2009-2013" prepared by the GIZ Project - Regional Economic Development as part of the institutional support Ministry of Local Self-Government