Bojana Mladenovic 

Coordinator in the Business Center of the Polog Planning RegionCenter for

Development of the Polog Planning RegionNjegosheva No.2, 1200 Tetovo

+389 (0) 44 618 062

+389 (0) 76 479 215

Main activities and responsibilities:
* Organization and implementation of the activities given from the Ministry
of Local-Self Government
* Organization of trainings and informative events for the private sector
* Participation in the preparation of the Draft Programme for Regional
Development and Draft Action Plan for Programme Implementation;
* Receives and processes Projects and Requests of Local Government
Units that are part of Polog Planning Region and suggests solutions
for their realization;
* Participation in the design and development of Annual Reports and
Work Programmes of the Centre;
* Participation in the preparation of analyses, information and Work
Programme of the Centre;
* Professional services to civic associations and other stakeholders in
their preparation of projects in the area of regional development;
* Implementation of projects to encourage Planning Region’s
development, funded by the European Union and other international
organizations' funds
* Providing technical support to the small and medium enterprises in the
* Writing narrative and financial reports for the work of the Business Centre
* Performs other duties as entrusted by the Manager.